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Tom Cruise: He gets a role in a thriller

July 21, 2011 @
Tom Cruise: He gets a role in a thriller

Tom Cruise has a new project for the cinema. The actor should play in the thriller One Shot, directed by Christopher Mc Quarrie (Usual Suspects). The actor will portray a former soldier.

Tom Cruise strings of film projects. While it is expected the fourth installment of Mission Impossible for the December 14, the actor would soon turn a new feature. Title One Shot, it will be an adaptation of crime novels by Lee Child. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the film should be shot this fall for release later in the year 2012.

tom cruise

Tom Cruise will play Jack Reacher, a former soldier who finds himself embroiled in a story of mad killer who shot five people at random.

A role which has been adapted for the actor, as in the novel, the main character is 1m95 to 115 kilograms. It is far from measurements of Tom Cruise. The film also signed a new collaboration between the actor and director Christopher McQuarrie as they worked together on the feature film Valkyrie released in 2008. The last appearance of Tom Cruise in film dates back to 2010. It was then one of the leading roles in Night and Day, alongside with Cameron Diaz.

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